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Monday, June 20, 2005

Maybe I should make myself a little more clearer here. My husband and I's marriage was over a long time ago. I'm not going to sit in this marriage unhappy. Yes, my kids matter a lot to me. Is it fair for them? Me? My husband? No, absolutely not. It's not fair for anyone. It's better for to be the bigger person and back out of this marriage instead of being miserable all the time. I do not love my husband, he does not love me, we are in this relationship because of the kids, and now it's time for me to move on.

In my life I come first, even though I do put my kids first it's time for me to be happy for the first time in 10 years, then I will deal with them. They are young and will understand, they already know that their father and I don't sleep in the same bed as each other.

So ya...maybe this clears a few things up?


Blogger MC Hendrick said...

It's not that anything needed clearing up. You only stated what was assumed. You are taking your interest over the childrens.

I'm gonna get on a soapbox for a moment. See, love isn't some feeling, or a fullfillment of desires (as your title indicates), or a thing you fall in and out of. Love is an action. Love is a commitment. Love is a daily or hourly choice: a decision to honour vows taken before God on your wedding day. The same vows your husband took. Those vows have a reason for being in traditional weddings. Those vows are proclaiming that you may not always FEEL like loving, but that you will still remain faithful. Vows proclaim that you are not getting hitched so that you can "do it" without others looking down on you.

OK, so maybe you got married for the wrong reasons, or under the wrong presumptions. Well, you have kids. You made another commitment, the biggest one you could ever make. You willingly chose to bring children into the world. It is your responsibility to bring these children up correctly. If divorce and a cheating mother mess them up, it's your collective(father and mother) fault.

It just seems too easy now-days to give up, as if commitment didn't mean anything. I tell my wife that divorce is a four letter word. It's not an option. That may not be a surprise considering I came from a broken home. Guess what? After 20 years of living with my Dad and trying to have a relationship with my distant mother, I no longer talk to her.

As encouragement to you though, I don't hold grudges against my parents. That would be wrong. I DO think they made bad choices followed by bad reactions to those choices and it continued to divorce. But life was very confusing for me growing up. Loyalties were misplaced, and I hurt a few people.

My mother made another mistake when should moved across the country, thinking we would still be like mother and son. She died to me when she left some 20 years ago. And I didn't admit it until a year or two ago.

I don't usually get down on people or point fingers, but your website reeks of a selfish stench. When you said you had kids, my blood boiled a bit. I'm a bit opinionated on this subject.

I hope the best for your kids.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is a little hard to judge other people until you have been in their shoes or at least until you know enough information.

I followed the link to MCs website - and was not surprised to learn that he was super-religious. Typical.

7:35 AM  
Blogger MC Hendrick said...

This is not a religious issue or an issue dealing directly with morality. It's about taking responsibility and carrying through with promises.

And honestly, there is no judging to it. This site makes it very easy to objectively say, this women is in it for her desires.

Super religious is a far cry from what I am. Talk about judgemental. Sheesh.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:27 AM  

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